EMERALD Mini Uplight

EMERALD Mini Uplight
EMERALD Mini Uplight

Product Name:

EMERALD Mini Uplight

Product Description:

Whether you’re looking for
feature lighting or path lighting,
our remarkable 3W Emerald
Mini Uplight is rated IP67 for
incomparable resistance to
the elements. It comes with a
Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade
finish and a choice of round or
square design.

Product Code
  • IFL-EXUPEM3R-SS316W-Emerald3w MiniUplight StainlessSteel 316MarineGrade-Round3000K
  • IFL-EXUPEM3R-SS316N-Emerald3w MiniUplight StainlessSteel 316MarineGrade-Round4000K
  • IFL-EXUPEM3S-SS316W-Emerald3w MiniUplight StainlessSteel 316MarineGrade-Square3000K
  • IFL-EXUPEM3S-SS316N-Emerald3w MiniUplight StainlessSteel 316MarineGrade-Square4000K