Lighting design

In focus luminations will tender a design to your needs, from commercial to domestic. In Focus luminations uses the latest in computer lighting design software to achieve detailed and easy to understand lighting layout.

The Process - we will review all current architectural drawing, in the event architectural drawing layouts aren’t available in focus can draft some for you. We will then request a budget , time frame and desired look and achivements. We will then take you plans and provide you with a full lighting layout, lighting calculations showing BCA compliance, and detailed schedule on all luminairs.

Lighting Project management

In Focus luminations can take the hassle out of organizing you lighting placement and installation, with a team of expert designers and electricians in focus luminations can complete your lighting project from start to finish.

Lighting supply

At in focus Luminations we strive to supplie the highest standards of service, all our products are packaged with the most care to avoid breakages.

At in focus we can supply Australia wide and also overseas